Nathan is our youngest Charter Member and the Grandson of our Co-Founder/President, Dano . He was 2 years old when this picture was taken. 

The Universal Riders Club of Pittsburgh, Inc.™ is a bona fide Club incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania and chartered by the American Motorcyclist Association. We opened our doors and held our first meeting in October of 2014. Our purpose is simple:

To present a positive image of motorcycles and motorcycling to the media and general public and to provide a fun and relaxed environment for riders to gather in furthering that goal. 

Big events and small, long rides and short, weekend trips or a few folks meeting for breakfast or lunch, we hope to offer it all during the course of each year. We’re not dedicated to one brand of bike or one kind of ride – our hope is to explore it all as much as we can.

Our Club is a little different from most of the groups out there. Come see for yourself – it may be just what you need to get more active and have more fun riding.