​​​To make it easier for you to recognize our group at Meet-up spots, here are pics of our Rider Leaders.  

All information contained in The URC™ newsletter, calendar, or website is accurate and complete at the time of publication. Since much of this information is subject to change at any time for a variety of reasons it is recommended that you check your e-mail account frequently especially prior to leaving your home to participate in a Club Ride. If you do not have an e-mail account, information may also be verified by contacting the Ride Leader whose name and contact information can be found at the bottom of each ride flier. 

Have an idea for a Ride?  
Interested in being a Ride Leader?
​Please contact  Holly Peck   

James Poli - Head Ride Coordinator

​Holly Peck - Ride Coordinator

​Per the URC® Executive Board that met on May 19, 2020,  scheduled rides resumed May 23rd.  Destinations are still accurate at this time.  If they are not open because of the Corona Pandemic we will just drive by.  Places to eat may be different due to Government Restrictions that are currently in place.  If all else fails, we always have SHEETZ!!!

*All Meet & Greets will be at 8:30AM, Pre-Ride Meetings at 8:45 & Kickstands up at 9!

*Weekly reminders are sent to Members via e-mail

*Rides will NOT be posted on the Calendar below nor on Social media and will NOT be published in the Keystone       Motorcycle Press.

​Below is a spreadsheet of the scheduled rides for your convenience.  Thank you for your understanding!!!

                                                                           SE SAFE OUT THERE!!!


​Michael Marchese - Head Safety Officer